Myoyoung Kim


Myoyoung Kim majored in Interaction Design at Korean National University of Arts, receiving a B.A. in 2010. She is now a creator, designer, author, and educator. Myoyoung has founded Vice Versa Design Studio in 2010, the first infographic design studio in South Korea and an award-winning design firm. As the founder at Vice Versa Design Studio, she is responsible for the overall design direction of the firm’s projects, and has an active role in the creation of design concepts, data analysis, storytelling and marketing all services through client presentations. She has worked with many major clients, including private clients such as Samsung, GS Caltex, Shinhan Bank, and BC Card, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) as well as South Korean governmental agencies such as the Ministry of Government Legislation, Ministry of National Defense, Korea Tourism Organization, Ministry of Employment and Labor, and Ministry of the interior and Safety, among others.

Vice Versa Studio participated and exhibited at the first Jeju Biennial, and Myoyoung directed the infographic exhibition “Insight on Jeju through Tourism Data”. Over the past ten years, Jeju, a biggest island in South Korea, has been changed and grown a lot, and Vice Versa Design Studio looked through all data of Jeju tourism, and applied those information onto visual work and single channel video. ( Through the exhibition, they attempted to share a clear message that it is important for Jeju to grow in quality rather than quantity for the future.

She also served as an executive director for the infographic exhibition “About Korean - 24 Hours of Korean People on Infographic” in 2013. (

Additionally, as an author, she has published the book "The Key To Make Everything Look Better Infographic" which is one of the best-selling books in design filed. Myoyoung is currently a professor of undergraduate Interaction Design Program at Korean National University of Arts.