Gwendolyn Garth


I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, October 13th, 1951. I grew up in 4 Cleveland Neighborhoods: Hough, Central, Fairfax and Glenville. I currently reside in the Central Neighborhood. I am a graduate of Glenville High School and I have taken art classes at Cooper School of Art and I have taken a multitude of art classes at Cuyahoga Community College ranging from: drawing by hand to drawing on the computer and Art Therapy.

Art has been a very integral part of my life and has been, and still is a hiding place, a resting place, a relaxing place and a healing space for me. As I was born in the 50’s, and my mother being a part of the “Great Migration”, coupled with me displaying academic talent, I was not encouraged to draw by my mother. She felt that my artistic skills and desires were frivolous. I thank God for my older sister (17 years older) who encouraged and nurtured my artistic Self. I have been dabbling at arts and crafts for all of my life. My favorite medium is the pencil/graphite, I love to watch my hands as I am sketching, but I also love working with and exploring all mediums of art: I write, I quilt, work with wood and clay and I love painting pictures with words.

At this juncture of my artistic journey, I am working with markers and dabbling with becoming a Graphic Recorder and my work in the community, doing community murals and Art Gardens has led me towards becoming a Social Practice Artist where my community has become my canvas and creating "Social Justice" art pieces.

Art has been such a healer and comforter to me and for me that I create and teach with the therapeutic value of art in all that I do.