Dr. Nelson will discuss diversity and the historical & social roots of the race concept, and why the idea persists scientific inaccuracy

About this Event

From TV ads for DNA tests that purport to connect us with long-lost ancestors, to national discourse about "real Americans," notions of race and identity pervade many of our conversations. Our understanding of human difference stems from long-held and outdated ideas about race. By dismantling this model of the human family tree, divorced from history and the realities of human biological diversity, we also do the work of unpacking racism. Dr. Robin Nelson will discuss this diversity and the historical and social roots of the race concept, revealing why the idea persists despite its scientific inaccuracy. Join us for an intimate conversation with Dr. Nelson about the social construction of the race and it economic, political, social ramifications from the perspective of biological anthropology.

Join us for an interactive and dynamic conversation about the race prism and you.