AZziz Muhammad

Azziz Headshot.jpg

Azziz Muhammad is a Cleveland native and was just recently a student at the Cleveland Institute of Art. He is a Drawing major and is expected to receive his
diploma in the fall of 2019. Born and raised in East Cleveland, the imagery and content in his work is a derivative of his direct experiences within his neighborhood, and the dreams that he has as a byproduct of this experience. He works within the realm of drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, sound and mixed media.

The various explorations and intermixing of these kinds of media allows his work to exist in many different forms in order to address the way the audience is confronted with his subject matter. In his work, Muhammad seeks to evoke in his audience the same feelings of anxiety, concern, hope and love he has for the condition of his community and the residents thereof.

His process involves using reference images from this environment, as well
as archival photography and propaganda to relate the past to the present in regard
to the issues he addresses in his work. These consist of mass incarceration of
blacks, Latinos, and the socially marginalized, poverty in the inner city, mental and
physical abuse, and the psychological effects that mass media has on the citizens of